We've supported London Borough of Waltham Forest with a study on street gangs, 和 are collaborating on the GreenSCIES project to deliver low carbon, 负担得起的能源


全球网络赌博平台 (澳门正规赌博十大网站) has a strong history of supporting local councils with re搜索 into topical issues affecting the Capital.

2018年6月, Waltham Forest Council commissioned a team of 澳门正规赌博十大网站 academics to produce an in-depth study looking at how the operation of street gangs has developed in the borough over a ten-year period. The report was commissioned after the Council noticed an increase in violent crime coupled with a significant transformation in the way that gangs were carrying out their activities, 与十年前相比.

研究委员会的到来正值关键时刻, given the extent of media coverage of violence on the city’s streets 和 the pressure being placed on London’s Mayor to find pragmatic ways to tackle the problem.

澳门正规赌博十大网站的帮派报告一经发布就产生了深远的影响. Extensive high profile media coverage of the findings helped to better inform an underst和ing of gang activity in London, while simultaneously generating useful discussion among key decision makers in local 和 central government.

The authors spoke to current 和 former gang members 和 practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, 更好地理解这种行为, 化妆, recruitment 和 purpose of gangs so that the Council could build on the interventions 和 services already in place.

而之前的一项研究发表于十年前, found that gangs focused mainly on postcode territories 和 demonstrated their identity 和 gang affiliation through “colours” 和 other insignia, the new report demonstrates a marked shift in behaviour towards a more organised business operating model focused on the drugs market 和 the desire for profits.


  • Gangs are becoming more economically driven 和 are operating on ‘county lines’, 利用年轻人将毒品运送到伦敦以外的地方;
  • Territory is no longer strongly linked to postcodes, but is a business marketplace;
  • There has been an increase in the involvement of women 和 girls, as they have a relative “invisibility” 和 are less likely to be 搜索ed by police;
  • 帮派在使用社交媒体的问题上存在分歧, with some operating an “off grid” approach 和 using older technology, 而其他人则用它来强化“品牌”和帮派身份.

Waltham Forest Council followed up on the report by establishing the borough’s first financial investigative unit with the specific remit of investigating money-laundering, 有权没收犯罪资产.

The report informed a joint initiative between Waltham Forest Council 和 the Metropolitan Police to crack down on gang activity, leading to a significant 38% reduction in gang-related crime in affected areas.

The study has been extremely successful in highlighting the need to address the ever-changing nature of gang-related activity 和 violence in our cities. 沃尔瑟姆森林的积极成果, 有可能影响英国其他地区吗, 通过“连锁反应”. This re搜索 is also having a wider impact because lead author, Professor Andrew Whittaker has been invited to be an adviser for the Parliamentary Office of Science 和 Technology’s review of gang interventions 和 to be a guest speaker on the subject, 国内外, 在加拿大和美国. He is also serving as a Commissioner on the Poverty 和 Inequality Commission for the Smith Institute, 由泰勒男爵夫人主持, 在伦敦恩菲尔德区.

项目领导: Dr Andrew Whittaker, Associate Professor 和 Head of the Serious Violence re搜索 cluster at 澳门正规赌博十大网站
电子邮件: 企业.affairs@yirongjie.com


In March 2019, Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems (GreenSCIES)开始与澳门正规赌博十大网站和合作伙伴进行首次试验 伦敦交通伊斯灵顿理事会 - thanks to funding support from the Government’s modern industrial strategy 和 the 企业能源与创新战略部.

The aim of the GreenSCIES 1 project was to deliver low carbon, 负担得起的能源 through a novel smart energy system that connects flexible electricity dem和s, 比如热泵和电动汽车, 间歇性的可再生能源, 比如太阳能. This smart grid energy system has been designed to provide a sustainable energy supply for local business districts 和 domestic homes.

Sources of inner city excess heat being looked at include sewers, 超市, 电缆隧道和数据中心.

格雷姆教授梅德门特, heads up this re搜索 project which 澳门正规赌博十大网站 is spearheading in partnership with 伦敦交通局 和 伊斯灵顿理事会. With a 30-year career history spent perfecting air conditioning 和 refrigeration systems, re搜索ing ground source energy systems 和 tackling the problem of how to cool down the London Underground, 梅德门特教授为这个角色带来了丰富的专业知识. Graeme still teaches in 澳门正规赌博十大网站’s School of Urban 工程 but he has also been seconded to work as a consultant on GreenSCIES, 代表贝.

With the Mayor of London’s goal of ensuring that the Capital achieves zero-carbon status by 2050, this study is a vital initiative in terms of exploring the possibilities of using waste heat to help power London’s homes 和 businesses, 降低能源成本,减少碳排放.

Projects such as GreenSCIES demonstrate that London based higher education institutions are at the forefront of ground-breaking new re搜索 of international significance, 努力改善伦敦人民的生活, 但在全球范围内.

项目领导: 格雷姆·梅德门特, Professor of Air Conditioning 和 Refrigeration in the School of 工程, 全球网络赌博平台.
电子邮件: 企业.affairs@yirongjie.com